Songwriter: Magnús Þór Sigmundsson

Lyricist: Þorsteinn Eggertsson

All evening,
While summer trees were crying
And flowers were dying
As autumn came,
I sat without sighing,
Yet stricken with fear
Of things – undefying.

Though only
A month we had been parted,
Then something had started
To fade away.
I felt drifting hearted.
My love had grown cold for you
And deserted.

The spring
Of your youth had suddenly dried
And my feelings for you
Had suddenly died.
The new life around me
Spellbound me,
When I found a girl
Who did wonders to me.

Yet – somehow
My memories were living
And I was driven
Between you and her.
The things you had…
Made me so aware of that I love you still,
As I always will….

I’m sorry
It couldn’t last forever.
I guess love never does.
I’m sorry.