Singer/songwriter Jóhann Helgason has been a major figure in the Icelandic music business for many years, as one of the country’s most respected and popular songwriters/singers. In addition to running a notable solo career, Jóhann has performed with several highly successful pop and rock bands. Many of Jóhann´s songs have reached the top of the charts in his home country. Several have become so well-loved in Iceland that they have literally entered the public domain, being widely known by the population at large, and sung on every conceivable occasion.

Jóhann is the first Icelander to gain a publishing contract abroad. Early in his career, he signed with Orange Music in London. In 1974, he entered a four-year songwriting relationship with Chappell & Co. Ltd., and with the band Change, made several singles for EMI and one album for Chappell, which was arranged and produced by the legendary H. B. Barnum.

Jóhann was also one half of the top hit duo “You and I”, who were multiple poll winners and EPIC/SONY´s priority international act in Japan during the 80´s. He has appeared on television in a number of countries, ranging from the UK and Scandinavia to Japan and the former Soviet Union.

Jóhann´s songs have been released in several countries outside his native Iceland, among the being England, Spain, Italy, Australia and Japan. He has received numerous awards and prizes both at home and abroad. His material can be found on over thirty gold and platinum records, a number of which are solo projects.



  • Scorpion Records LP, Magnús & Jóhann/Magnús & Jóhann.
  • Orange Music, Denmark Street, London UK, Publishing/Recording Contract.


  • Orange Music Single, “Yaketty Yak, Smacketty Smack“/“When The Morning Comes“/Change.
  • Orange Music Single, “Candy Girl“/“Then“/The Pal Brothers.


  • Orange Music, Double Single, Change/Change
  • Change Records/Chappell & Co Ltd., London, LP/MC Change/Change.
  • Chappell & Co Ltd., London UK, Publishing Contract.
  • Reykjavík Art Festival, Change supporting Procol Harum.
  • UK performances, Change.
  • Joke Records, EP, Ábót/Ábót.


  • EMI London UK single, “Ruby Baby”/”If I”/Change.
  • EMI single, “Wildcat”/”Hold On”/Change.
  • Chappell & Co Ltd., The Chappell Tapes/Change (unreleased LP).
  • Chappell/Robinson, 50 New Bond Street London, Management contract.
  • Change Records LP/MC, Allra meina bót/Ábót.
  • UK, TV appearances with The Bay City Rollers, Change.
  • UK and Spain, club performances, Change.
  • UK, backing vocals, ESC forerunners.
  • RUV, TV Special, Change.
  • Space Chat poems, writer/publisher.


  • SG-Records LP/MC, Ég gleymi þér aldrei/solo album.
  • Member of the funk/soul band Celsius.
  • Spain, club performances.
  • Space Chat II., poems, writer/publisher.


  • Ýmir hf., LP, Gamlar góðar lummur/Lummurnar, TV SpeciaL.
  • Celsius, recordings-LP/Celsius.
  • Member of the pop/rock band Poker.
  • Poker, recordings with Geoff Calver, Iceland and U.K.
  • Poker, concert tour, Faroe Islands.


  • Ýmir hf., LP, Lummur um land allt/Lummurnar.
  • Reykjavík Art Festival, Poker, supporting The Stranglers.
  • Songwriting, Los Angeles.


  • Songwriting and recordings, Los Angeles.
  • Steinar hf., LP, Ljúfa líf/You & I.
  • Epic/Sony Inc., Japan, promo EP, Side A ”We Are The Love”/”Dance, Dance, Dance/You & I Side B (“They Are) Rollerskating”/”Radio”/Dolly Dots.
  • Þjóðhátíð Vestmannaeyja, Magnús & Jóhann.


  • Epic/Sony Inc., Japan single, “My Hometown” b/w ”I Want To Be With You”/You & I.
  • GTH LP, Sprengisandur/You & I.
  • SOPOT, International Song Contest, Poland/You & I, 4th place.
  • Poland, Soviet Union, You & I, concerts & TV appearances.
  • MJ-Records LP/MC, Magnús & Jóhann/Magnús & Jóhann.
  • Steinar LP, Lítið brölt/Haukur Morthens with Mezzoforte – composer.
  • John Lennon, Memorial Concert, Austurbæjarbíó.


  • Steinar hf., “Take Your Time”/”Burning Love”/solo single.
  • Steinar hf., LP/MC, TASS/solo album, engineered by Humberto Gatica.
  • CBS AB., Sweden, “My Hometown” b/w “Reykjavík”/You & I.
  • Plaza Records, Australia, “My Hometown” b/w “Reykjavík”/You & I.
  • Epic/Sony Inc., Japan single, “We Are The Love” b/w “Blue”/You & I.
  • Steinar Music/Songwriters Workshop Ltd., UK Single, “Shady Lady” b/w “I Want To Be With You”/You & I.
  • Epic/Sony Inc., Japan, promo LP, You & I/You & I
  • Epic/Sony Inc., Japan, LP You & I/You & I.
  • Fazer Records, Finland, single, “Kiitos Sulle”/Armii Aavikko.
  • Ariola DM, “My Hometown”/Judy Jackson.
  • Ariola DM, single, “Zu hoch gespielt”/Jessica.
  • Steinar hf., LP, You & I/You & I.
  • Japan, You & I TV appearances.
  • San Francisco, Los Angeles, You & I, performances.
  • Sjálfsbjörg LP, Christmas Album/various artists, fundraising album – composer/producer.


  • Steinar hf., LP, Aðeins eitt líf/You & I.
  • Polar Music AB., Sweden, “Take Your Time” b/w ”My Girl”/solo single.
  • Out, Italy, single, “My Hometown”/Judy Jackson.


  • Steinar hf., LP/MC, Einn/solo album.
  • Steinar Records UK Ltd., ”Take Your Time” b/w “She´s Allright”/Joe Ericson.
  • Polydor, DM., ”Take Your Time” b/w “She´s Allright”/Joe Ericson
  • Promusix, Portugal, ”Take Your Time” b/w “She´s Allright”/Joe Ericson
  • Plaza Records, Australia, ”Take Your Time” b/w “She´s Allright”/Joe Ericson
  • S-America 7” & 12”, ”Take Your Time” b/w “She´s Allright”/Joe Ericson.
  • Dýraspítali Watsons LP/MC, Komdu kisa mín/Snælda & Snúðarnir, fundraising album – composer.
  • ISC/Castlebar, Ireland Silverprize, ”Sail On” – composer/performer, TV appearances.
  • Broadway, Reykjavík Beatlemania, musical show, performer.


  • Útgáfan-Skálholt LP/MC, Ljósaskipti/Magnús & Jóhann.
  • Bratislavská Lýra ISC Czechoslovakia, Silverprize, ”Sail On” – composer/performer.
  • Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union, TV appearances.
  • Hotel Saga, dance hall Súlnasalur, lead singer.


  • Hugverkaútgáfan/RINDI, record label – Est. 1985.
  • Hugverkaútgáfan, LP/MC, Ástin/solo album, producer, publisher.
  • Key Records, Spain, “Take Your Time” b/w ”She´s Allright”, Joe Ericson.
  • Hotel Saga, lead singer.
  • Hotel Saga, Starlight Express, Chess, On Your Toes, performer/singer.
  • Þórscafé, singer, musical show.


  • Hótel Saga, lead singer/performer.
  • Þórscafé, singer musical show.
  • Broadway Reykjavík, singer musical show.


  • Skífan hf., LP/MC/CD, Kvöld við lækinn/composer/singer.
  • Glaumberg Keflavík, singer, musical show.
  • Hollywood Reykjavík, singer musical show.
  • ESC forerunner, RUV/“Í blíðu og stríðu”.


  • Hótel Ísland, singer/performer musical show, premiere, New Years Eve.
  • Epic/Sony Inc., Japan, promo single, Side A “We Are The Love”/You & I – Side B “Superstitious”/Europe.


  • Hugverkaútgáfan LP, Ég vildi – composer, producer/publisher.


  • P.S. Music Iceland, Publishing Contract.
  • Amsterdam, Holland, vocal sessions.


  • Broadway Reykjavík, co-writer, musical show.


  • MJ-Records CD/MC, Afmælisupptökur/Magnús & Jóhann.
  • Hótel Ísland, singer musical show.
  • ESC forerunner, RUV/“Karen”, 2nd place.
  • USA, concerts, JET, east- & west coast.


  • Paradís CD/MC, Lífsmyndir Magnúsar & Jóhanns/various artists.
  • Hótel Ísland lead singer, musical show.


  • Baltic song Festival ISC Karlshamn, Sweden, 4th place, “Heart To Heart”, concerts & TV performances.
  • Haukur Morthens, Memorial Concert, Hotel Saga.


  • Lag & ljóð CD, Aldarminning, Davíð Stefánsson/various artists – co-writer, producer/publisher.


  • RINDI Records CD, KEF/solo album, producer/publisher.
  • “Gróttulagið” a song for Grótta sports team, Seltjarnarnes.
  • Tónaflóð CD, Icelandic Pop Saga 1972–1977/various artists, co-writer/producer, co-publisher.
  • Keflavíkurnætur Musical Show, Strikið Keflavík, Stapinn, Sjallinn – singer/performer, co-writer.


  • RINDI CD, Eskimo/solo album, producer/publisher.
  • Háskólabíó, Sgt. Pepper´s Lonely Hearts Club Band – co-performance, with band & symphony orchestra.


  • RINDI CD, LP/solo album, producer/publisher.
  • RIM Music Group Australia, Publishing Contract.
  • Licensing Agreement, South Korea.


  • Hugverkaútgáfan CD, Sólskinsstund – composer, producer/publisher.
  • RINDI, CD, SOLO/solo album, producer, publisher.
  • Hugverkaútgáfan Space Chat, re-released poems with additive, writer/publisher.


  • Hugverkaútgáfan CD,  Trú von og kærleikur/Bjarni Arason, fundraising album – composer/producer.


  • Neistinn CD, Hjartans mál/various artists, fundraising album – composer/ producer.
  • Borgarleikhúsið/The Reykjavík City Theatre, concerts & TV Special, Misa Criolla, lead vocals with Bubbi Morthens, the Sel-choir & Orchestra.


  • RINDI CD, Kundalini/solo-compilation album, producer/publisher.
  • Hugverkaútgáfan CD, Ástin og lífið/various artists/compilation, fundraising album – composer/producer.
  • Hugverkaútgáfan CD,  Friðarstund/various artists/compilation, fundraising album – composer/producer.
  • Fazer Records Finland, “Kiitos Sulle”/Armi Aavikko.


  • Hugverkaútgáfan, Jóhann Helgason – 25 Popular Songs/sheet music & CD-single – publisher.


  • Hugverkaútgáfan CD, Mansöngvar/various artists, fundraising album – composer/producer.
  • Í hjartastað CD, Hjartalag/fundraising single – composer/producer.
  • Laugardalshöll, sports arena, The Beach Boys in concert, vocals with supporting band, Hljómar.


  • Umhyggja CD, Óðflugur/various artists, fundraising album – compositions to poems by Þórarinn Eldjárn.
  • Broadway, Reykjavík Memorial Concert Pétur W. Kristjánsson co-performer.


  • Zonet CD, Söknuður/solo album.
  • Salurinn, concert Hall, solo concert with supporting band. 


  • Artist of town Seltjarnarnes, various performances.
  • Ljósanótt/Night of Lights, Town Festival, “Ó Keflavík“, premiere composer/author, co-performer.
  • Laugardalshöll sports arena Rúnar Júlíusson & guests in concert, co-performer.
  • Salurinn concert hall, Special concert with Jón Ólafsson.
  • Arpa mini-single, “Sætasta stelpan á ballinu”/You & I.


  • Umhyggja CD, Drekasaga/various artists, fundraising album – compositions to poems by Iðunn Steinsdóttir.
  • Menningarnótt/Culture Night, Reykjavík, outdoor concert, Landsbankinn/Radio Station, Rás 2, Magnús & Jóhann with supporting band.
  • Egilshöll, sports arena, Annual Celebration Landsbankinn, You & I, with  band Hjálmar and Bogomil Font.
  • Menningarnótt, City Hall, Reykjavík, lead vocals with Keflavík´s Men´s Chorus.
  • Ljósanótt, Andrew´s, Theatre, lead vocals with Keflavík´s Men´s Chorus.
  • Lava Hall, Blue Lagoon & church of  Keflavík, Fundraising/Christmas concert.
  • National Theatre, Ástin er diskó, lífið er pönk, co-writer of music.
  • Memorial Concert Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson, Salurinn, concert hall and Laugardalshöll, sports arena – co-writer of music.


  • Arpa mini-single, “Heima er best”/You & I – 30th Anniversary, 1979-2009.
  • You & I, performances; Independence Day, 17. June, outdoor concert, Arnarhóll – Disco Festival, Vestman IslandsBjörgvin´s Christmas Guests with orchestra, Laugardalshöll.
  • Memorial Concert, Rúnar Júlíusson, Laugardalshöll, co-performer/songwriter.
  • Lennon 09.09.09, Honorary Concert 9. September Club Nasa, co-performer.
  • IMAGINE PEACE TOWER & John Lennon Tribute Concert, Hafnar-húsið, Art Gallery, performer 9. October with Yoko Ono, Sean Ono Lennon et alii.
  • Ljósanótt, outdoor town festival, co-performer, premiere of the suite, ”Ljósanætursvíta“.


  • Umhyggja CD, Gælur, fælur og þvælur/Ragnheiður Gröndal and Guðmundur Pétursson, fundraising album – compositions to poems by Þórarinn Eldjárn.
  • Zonet/Hugverkaútgáfan, CD, Bréfbátur/Valgerður Guðnadóttir & Edgar Smári – composer/producer.
  • Helga Möller´s Christmas Concert, You & I, church Laugarneskirkja.
  • Advent Evening, church, Keflavíkurkirkja, performance with womans choir.


  • Sena Double CD, Ástin & lífið 1971-2011/Magnús & Jóhann.
  • Magnús & Jóhann 40 Years, concerts; Austurbær, Reykjavik – Græni hatturinn, Akureyri – Höllin, Vestman Islands – outdoor concerts Menningarnótt/Culture Night and Ljósanótt.
  • Laugardalshöll/Sports Hall, Magnús & Jóhann supporting The Eagles.
  • Salurinn, concert hall Af fingrum framJón Ólafsson, Magnús & Jóhann.
  • Sena CD & TV Special, Hljómskálinn/RÚV, “Feel So Fine” with FM Belfast, writer, performer.
  • Arpa Christmas single, “Ljós út um allt”/You & I.
  • Borgarleikhúsið/City Theatre, Reykjavík and Hof, concert hall, Akureyri, Í nánd, Nýdönsk, musical/theatrical show, co-composer.
  • KFUM/YMCA fundraising performance.
  • Kattholt, fundraising concert Fríkirkjan, church, performer.
  • Nauthóll dining hall, You & I, special performance.
  • Helga Möller´s Christmas Concert, church Laugarneskirkja, Café Rósenberg.


  • Sena CD, Í tíma/Magnús & Jóhann.
  • Vestman Islands Independence festival, Magnús & Jóhann, outdoor performance.
  • Innipúkinn festival, Iðnó, theatre, You & I with band Moses Hightower.
  • Söngvaskáld TV Special RUV, Magnús & Jóhann, live concert with audience.
  • Sena single, “Ástarsorg”, recorded/performed by John Grant.
  • Umhyggja CD, Bréfbátur (re-release) Valgerður Guðnadóttir and Edgar Smári, fundraising album – composer.
  • Blómstrandi dagar Flower festival Hótel Örk, Hveragerði, concert, Magnús & Jóhann.
  • Seltjarnarneskirkja church, performance with The Chamber Choir of Seltjarnarnes.
  • Tvær úr tungunum variety show, Aratunga, performance, You & I.
  • Helga Möller´s, Christmas Concert, Laugarneskirkja, performance, You & I.
  • Með blik í auga, musical show, Andrews Theatre & Ljósanótt, co-composer.


  • Celsius CD, Celsius/band Celsius, co-writer, vocalist.
  • Magnús & Jóhann various performances; Folk festival, Kex Hostel – Edrúhátíð SÁÁ, outdoor festival Laugalandi – Hammondhátíð Djúpavogs, town festival, Djúpivogur – Bryggjan, pub Grindavík – Græni hatturinn, club Akureyri.
  • ELO Honorary Concert, Eldborg Harpa concert hall, co-performer.
  • Söngvaskáldin & Sinfó, Eldborg Harpa concert with The Icelandic Symphony orchestra, co-writer/performer.
  • Magnús & Jóhann, Kærleikssjóður Stefaníu, Háskólabíó, theatre and Von/SÁÁ, fund raising performances.
  • Helga Möller 40 years, career- & christmas concert, Austurbæ theatre, co-performers, You & I.


  • Umhyggja CD, Árstíðirnar/Ragnheiður Gröndal and Guðmundur Pétursson, fundraising album, compositions to poems by Þórarinn Eldjárn.
  • Hugverkaútgáfan CD, Eftirfylgd – sr. Friðrik Friðriksson/various performers, composer/producer, publisher.
  • Sena CD, ESC/Söngvakeppnin, Von“, performed by Gissur Páll Gissurarson – composer/author.
  • Magnús & Jóhann performances, Hljómahöll, Concert Hall, Grand Opening, Reykjanesbæ – Salthúsið, Grindavík – Háaloftið, Vestman Islands.
  • Seltjarnarnes – Anniversary Festival 9. apríl, Eiðistorgi, premiere of the composition ”Seltjarnarnesið“, with supporting band and children´s choir, composer/performer.


  • Neistinn CD, Komdu kisa mín/Snælda & Snúðarnir (re-release), fundraising album, composer.
  • Hugverkaútgáfan mini-single, “Ég og þú“/You & I, composer/writer, producer/publisher.
  • Himinn & jörð, 70 Years – Anniversary Concert, Gunnar Þórðarson, Eldborg, Reykjavík and Hof, Akureyri, co-performers, You & I.
  • Vopnaskak, town festival, Vopnafjörður, performance, Magnús & Jóhann.
  • Advent Evening KFUM, (YMCA) performance with The KFUM Choir.
  • Á leiðinni í Eldborg, Brunaliðið –, concert, “Ástarsorg”, “Ég er að bíða.”
  • Viljálmur Vilhjálmsson 70 Years, concert Eldborg, co-composer.
  • Sveitapiltsins draumur Rúnar Júl 70, concert Hljómahöll, co-composer.
  • Independence Day 17. June, Seltjarnarnes, outdoor performance.


  • Umhyggja CD, Fuglaþrugl og naflakrafl/Ragnheiður Gröndal and Guðmundur Pétursson, fundraising album – compositions to poems by Þórarinn Eldjárn.
  • Kalli, Gummi & Jói, performances Mosfellsbær.
  • Söngvaskáld á Suðurnesjum – Jóhann Helgason/Berg, Hljómahöll. Selection of Jóhann´s songs performed by Elmar Þór Hauksson and Arnór B. Vilbergsson. Host/script, Dagný Gísladóttir.
  • Plútóbrekka, town festival, Seltjarnarnes, JH outdoor performance.


  • Magnús & Jóhann 45 Years, concert, Bæjarbíó, with supporting band.
  • Umhyggja CD, Úrval af því besta/various artists, fundraising album, compilation CD, compositions to poems by Þórarinn Eldjárn.
  • Nótur ehf, ”Hún Reykjavík“/You & I, mini single. 
  • Elly, Borgarleikhúsið/City Theatre, “Söknuður”.
  • Undurfagra ævintýr, Eldborg, “Sálarflækja”..
  • Skonrokk, Eldborg, original songs.
  • Best of Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson, Eldborg, “Söknuður”, “Ég labbaði í bæinn.”.
  • Af fingrum fram, Páll Óskar, “Nótt”.


  • Press conference at Studio Hljóðriti on April 4. regarding “Söknuður” v. “You Raise Me Up.” An English version of “Söknuður”, “Into the Light” released on digital plarforms and YouTube.
  • Johannsongs – Publishing Ltd. established in Los Angeles, California.
  • Church of Seltjarnarnes, Selkórinn/The Sel Choir 50 years Anniversary Concert with orchestra, Guest of Honour, composer of programme and co-performer.
  • Magnús & Jóhann; concerts Bæjarbíó, Á trúnó, Hljómahöll, Christmas Buffet Grand Hótel, Culture Week The Central Bank.
  • Magnús Þór Sigmundsson 70 years, Anniversary Concert Háskólabíó.
  • Ljósanótt/Night of Lights, concerts, Keflavík and Kirkjuvogskirkja, Hafnir.
  • Elly, Borgarleikhúsið/The City Theatre, Undurfagra ævintýr, Skonrokk, Best of Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson, Eldborg, Af fingrum fram, Salurinn, Concert Hall, co-composer.


  • Jóhann Helgason 70, Anniversary Concert Eldborg, Harpa.
  • Tónstafir, Honorary Concert, Jóhann´s songs performed by pupils of the Music School of Seltjarnarnes.
  • STEF-numót, out door concert on Culture Night.
  • Magnús & Jóhann, concerts Bæjarbíó, Bryggjan Brugghús, Annual Celebration Landsbankinn, Christmas Buffet Kvika Bank.
  • Elly, Borgarleikhúsið, Undurfagra ævintýr, Best songs of Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson, Eldborg, co-composer.


  • KÖLD/COLD, tónlistarhátíð, Magnús & Jóhann, concert Norfjarðar Church.


  • Bjössi Thor´s Garden Party, co-performer.
  • Guitarama/Gítarhátíð Bjössa Thor, concert Bæjarbíó, co-performer/composer.
  • Regnboginn/Rainbow, culture-festival, Magnús & Jóhann, concert Leikskálum, Vík.


  • Hugverkaútgáfan CD, Lifi lífið – sálmar og andlegir söngvar/Páll Rósinkranz, Sigríður Guðnadóttir, Regína Ósk, Sönghópurinn Fósturvísarnir, compositions to poems by Þorkell Sigurbjörnsson.
  • YMCA, Lifi lífið, concert.
  • Allt í blóma, Magnús & Jóhann, concert, Hveragerði.
  • Hugverkaútgáfan, CD/MusicBook, Eyvind of the Mountains and Halla – Rock Opera/Stefán Jakobsson, Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir, Magni Ásgeirsson – author/composer.
  • Magnús & Jóhann 50 years – concert Bæjarbíó with Jón Ólafsson. Online single, “It’s Only Love”.
  • Keflavik Church, Lifi lífið, evening mass/concert.
  • Bókakonfekt, Eyvind of the Mountains and Halla, recital, Library of Reykjanesbær.
  • New hymnbook: The songs “Við freistingum gæt þín” 94b and “Drottinn vakir” 655b.


  • Magnús & Jóhann 50 Years – TV Special RUV.
  • Magnús & Jóhann Aftur heim/Back Home – concert, Hljómahöll.
  • Af fingrum fram, Salurinn, concert hall – Magnús & Jóhann with Jón Ólafsson.
  • Miðgarður/Midgard, Magnús & Jóhann, concert.
  • Lifi lífið, Bústaðakirkja/church – concert.
  • Gammar & Jói Helga – concert, Jazzclub Múlinn, Harpa concert hall.
  • Summerjazz at Jómfrúin – Gammar & Jói Helga.
  • Bjössi Thor´s Garden Party – Gammar & Jói Helga.
  • Guitarama/Björn Thoroddsen, Bæjarbíó – Gammar & Jói Helga.
  • As Time Goes By – Jói Helga & Gammar, prerelease.
  • Iceland Music Day 1. December, Harpa – performance for Radio station Rás 2 – 1983-2023.