Songwriter: Jóhann Helgason

Lyricist: Þorsteinn Eggertsson

She lived out all my emotions
I gave her nothing but peanuts
I could´nt afford more then peanuts
as I wanted to sail all the oceans.

She said she loved me so madly
I said “here, have some more peanuts”
I´ve got a bag full of peanuts
then she would shake her head very sadly.

She gave me money
champagne and honey
records and junk
stayed the night and got drunk
asked me to kiss her
which made me wish her
to dissappear
I said “get out of here girl”.

When I felt bad she would suffer
I filled her belly with peanuts
she never cared much for peanuts
but that was really all that I could offer.

Singing; La la la la lala …