How Much Longer

Songwriter: Johann Helgason

Lyricist: Valgeir Guðjónsson/Jakob Magnússon

And darkness comes
put away the sunset
with fingers that are long and cold

You hear a voice that tells you
silently and clear
to listen to what you´re told

What can a man do
What can a man say
to somebody who isn´t there
it isn´t any use
to weep or cry
when nobody can wipe your tears

Tell me
How much longer
Are we going to hear this?
Tell me
How much longer?
I just wonder…

You want to speak your mind
but you have to see the words
the ceiling and the walls have ears
You better hold your head up
try and fake a smile
don´t ever give away your fears

They may put you in a cell
and tell you what to think
but they can never tell you what to think
Who is going to drown
and who is going to swim
when the ship of fools begins to sink

Tell me
How much longer
Are we going to ignore this?
Tell me how much longer
I keep asking myself