Fire Stairway

Songwriter: Magnús Þór Sigmundsson

Lyricist: Magnús Þór Sigmundsson

Climbing up the fire stairway
trying to sneak in the backdoor
to my love.
Have´nt seen my love a long time
just got out of the jailhouse tonight.

What I need right now
is living and loving
all night long

Now I´m looking through her window
she is sitting by the fire all alone.
Wonder what she´s thinking of now
think I better go and find out
for myself.

I wonder what she´s like
did she forget me
long ago?
Should I take the chance
to knock on her window
and call her name?

Now she opens up the window
smiles when she first sees me
come right in

What I think of life
is living and loving
all night long