Darling Of the Party

Songwriter: Peter Solly

Lyricist: Paul Lewis

She´s the darling of the party
she never thinks of sleep
till her guests have left her
all alone to weap
and the damage that a drink has done
to a painting on the wall
the sofa full of little holes
where cigarettes were left to fall

She goes over to the window
throws the curtains open
in the early light of dawn
she sees the glass is broken
trodden in the carpet
to mix with potatoe chips
while the wine they once held
tastes bitter on her lips

She´s the darling of the party
she´s loved by one and all
everyone adores her
comes running at her call
yet underneath her smiling face
she always feels alone
even in a crowded room
she ´s always on her own

She walks into her bedroom
rubbing tired eyes
there´s tears mixed with her makeup
she thinks about the lies
that wifes tell to their husbands
to preserve their social scene
as her dress slips from her shoulders
she wonders if it´s all a dream

And later she´ll start clearing up
the mess they left behind
right now all she wants to do
is let sleep clear her mind
as she crawls between the satin sheets
and feels their cooling touch
she thinks about the man she lost
and the love that ment so much