Songwriter: Jóhann Helgason

Lyricist: John Lang

My open eyes
meet another day
see you sleeping easy in my feather bed
the way you look
just sends me all the way
I just wanna be with you
I just wanna love you too

Cellia you turned my heart around
Cellia you´re the love I´ve found
Cellia things I´ll never see
Cellia the only one for me

When I could not
go through another night
suddenly you came into my lonely life
you took my hand
and led me to the light
I promise not to let you go
and by now I´m sure you know


When all is said and done
when time has come of age
and the great pretender takes the throne of hearts
While dreamers wake and turn
the other way
I´m the one who turns to you
I´m the one who loves you too