Songwriter: Jóhann Helgason

Lyricist: Toby Herman

midnight in your eyes
starlight lights the sky
perfect paradise

colours of my mood
look the way I feel
when you´re not with me

You know that you
you´re the only one I see
you´re the only one I need
you´re the only one for me
Blue lightening shines
far away from you in time
sitting in an empty hall
waiting for the phone to call

Oh blue
lady of my life
sunshine of my eyes
perfect paradise

came into my life
made it feel so right
perfect paradise

Oh lady I
try to make your life complete
try to love you oh so sweet
try to give you all you need
You make me shine
I can´t spend another day
knowing you´re so far away
baby won´t you come to stay