My Hometown

Songwriter: Jóhann Helgason

Lyricist: Toby Herman/J. Helgason

Come and dance this song with me
then we´ll slip away.
I´ve been alone in the breeze baby
too many lonely years.
Once a while I kissed a star
going round and round
rest the time I bled for you,
here in my hometown.

Easy come and easy go,
baby love me true
you left my heart so long ago
here in my hometown.

I´ve been slidin´ on the street
like a helpless child.
A lonely child blowin´ in the breeze
running free and wild.
Listen mister I need your love,
Ive been alone too long
still you know I´d wait for you,
here in my hometown.

Easy come…

Together baby like silver gray
gently coasting on.
A moment here in the break of day
then the next we´re gone.
Nothing´s ever gonna change my means
been too many years
ooh too many lonely dreams,
left too many tears.

Easy come…