Hold Tight

Songwriter: Jóhann Helgason

Lyricist: John Lang

I put my heart and soul out on the line
now I don´t think I´m waisting precious time
we´ll see whose heart is in my open hand when it´s over
is this a game my pretty little girl
or can you feel the heat is on for real
I´m talkin´ serious enough to make you run for cover

the rain will fall
your song will call this child
our hearts will be
forever free and wild

Hold tight
don´t let me go
I´m comin´ to your love
hold tight
the night is cold
stay here in my love

I see you glitter like a diamond ring
they say you´re pretty but you´ve got a sting
I´m takin´ insurance – the situation´s dangerous
I see the dreamer dancin´ in your eyes
but now I´m hopin´ that you realize
reality´s a better place to be for both of us


Hold tight…